The winter months bring seasons festivities and fun, but also dangerous weather conditions to be cautious of.

Snow, ice and wet weather generally causes misery for commuters, workers and members of the public alike, so we've set out some handy tips from the Health and Safety Executive to help keep your organisation's festive season jolly this year!


Ensure your workplace is properly and sufficiently well-lit to help avoid hazards and accidents.

You can check your workplace is sufficiently illuminated using a device to measure the light output such as a photometer or light meter, or by simply observing the areas for a few days to come to an informed decision as to whether the lighting is suitable.

Rain and ice

Be aware that paved areas can become slippery when wet, and when it gets colder those paved areas can easily become icy. Reduce the risk by using suitable materials for footpaths, discourage people from using grassy shortcuts and using floor mats or non-slip flooring internally to prevent slips.

Keep a stock of road salt for car parks and footpaths and keep an eye on weather forecasts – placing salt outside the night before freezing temperatures can prevent ice to form.

Use warning signs. By making workers and members of the public aware of the risks, they can be more alert, lessening the risk. Cordon off any areas you deem to be unsuitable for use and consider covering those areas during bad weather to help bring them back into safe use again.


As always, be alert on the roads. Black ice, poor visibility and bad drivers make for dangerous conditions. Leave time to prepare your vehicle in the morning, to allow for slower driving times and keep to a safe distance behind vehicles.