The Prime Minister's call for a snap General Election on 8 June 2017 has led to her party releasing a manifesto they believe will allow them to hold a strong mandate going into Brexit negotiations.

Energy and environment

The Conservatives have promised to deliver “competitive and affordable energy costs following a new independent review into the cost of energy”.

No real mention of policies, however. They reference things they have done previously, such as ratifying the Paris Agreement. It has to be mentioned that by not ratifying the Paris Agreement would put the UK against over 200 signatories, so the Conservatives can claim such a decision for themselves is entirely a matter of opinion.


A big part of the Conservative manifesto for health and safety revolves around mental health, in and out of the workplace.

Theresa May's party set out their goal to “transform how mental health is regarded in the workplace”.

They also seek to change health and safety regulations so that employers “provide appropriate first aid training and needs assessment for mental health, as they currently do for risks to physical health, and extend Equalities Act protections against discrimination to mental health conditions that are episodic and fluctuating”.


On a planning note, they aim for “prosperous towns and cities, underpinned by strong local institutions, the relocation of Government functions, and shared cultural assets across the country.”

They go on to state they will provide “growth across the country through our modern industrial strategy and major investment in infrastructure, skills and research and development.


For the topics in question, a rather flat manifesto. The concentration on mental health is hugely welcomed. In recent years, mental health in the workplace has become more of a focus, with some organisations taking the initiative to start wellness schemes. Promoting a safe work environment for mental health is gaining recognition for its importance.

On the planning, environmental and energy side of things, the Conservatives haven't offered very much.

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