A mobile phone company in Sweden, Doro, has invented a mobile phone specifically for lone workers. The handset is hard-wearing and also contains a “call for help” button on the side which, when pressed, sends a text message containing a GPS location to up to five different contacts.

In the UK, there is a requirement for employers to provide and maintain a safe working environment for employees under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. When it comes to lone workers, the development of safety arrangements through a health and safety policy, safe systems of work and also carrying out risk assessments can reduce the risks faced by lone workers, such as social workers, auditors, builders, traffic wardens and carers. And for those who may have a spare £220, such a mobile phone could help to minimise the risk to those working alone.

The mobile phone also works with Doro's automated care centre, called i-care, though there is a charge for the service. I-care allows employers to closely monitor the status of the phone, including battery power and inactivity. It can also send messages to the phone to make sure the person using it is safe.

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