A company PSL Worldwide Projects Ltd from Washington, Tyne and Wear, has been found guilty for breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

On 31 July 2014 two company employees suffered severe burns while working at a Hyclone UK ltd site in Cramlington. Workers were cleaning a pipe system using Sodium Hydroxide granules. When performing the task, the chemicals reacted with water, which caused the liquid to heat up and build up pressure within the hose. The pressure caused the hose to detach and sprayed the workers with hot solution causing life-threatening burns to one worker and severely burning the other.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation identified inadequate assessment of the risks for this task and the equipment provided from the employer to perform this job was not suitable for the solution, especially the hose as well as lack of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for it's employees. 

PSL Worldwide Projects Ltd was fined £150,000 by Newcastle Court. No costs were issued due to the company being in liquidation.