An outbreak of Legionnaire's disease in the North East of England has led to health warning issued to those living in the area of the supposed source, a South Tyneside factory, Faltec Ltd.

Public Health England (PHE) have confirmed three cases so far, and an alleged fourth case is believed to be a resident, whose garden overlooks the factory boundary.

As a result, PHE have advised people in the area who develop a chest infection or other respiratory problems to contact their GP. Dr Tricia Cresswell, from the North East PHE centre stresses: “Legionnaire's disease does not spread from person to person and can only be contracted from the source of the contaminated water.”

The factory has carried out measures to eradicate any risks of contamination and further infections, by cooling towers and other water systems at possible sources.

Dr Cresswell stated: “We are not aware of any new cases infected since the factory took action to treat and disinfect water sources.”