The manifestos have been released and with them an outline of what to expect for several key industries and sectors should any of the parties be elected.

With that in mind, the health and safety and the environmental sectors can each expect some kind of impact of varying degree, depending on which Party comes out on top.

In this instalment of the “Picking apart the Party policies” series, Cedrec Legal Author, Amy Batch, looks at the Scottish National Party (SNP). Key issues will be examined with a degree of insight from Cedrec.


First of all, this manifesto is different to the others, on a purely aesthetic basis. No content page and no headings to give a topic to the policies. On one page, a reader can find policies for opposing EU withdrawal, affordable housing pledges, education investment, immigration and job creation. So, in terms of specific policies relating to the environment and health and safety, a reader can be a little overwhelmed.

The first policy I happened across regarding the environment, however, was a one that is bound to be good news for potential voters. Action on energy bills, with a pledge to support lower energy bills by pushing for an Energy Company Obligation, funded through taxes, as opposed to a levy on energy bills.

In that same policy was a rather vague “support new powers to make sure energy companies pass on the benefits” of the lower prices to consumers. These new powers, in this context, can only be legislation and regulations.

“Greater care for our environment” is another policy found in the manifesto, where the SNP state they will continue to support a moratorium (a legal suspension or delay) on fracking. The SNP aim to pressure the UK Government to adopt Scotland's “ambitious” carbon reduction targets.

They wish to invest in renewables generation, “particularly offshore” renewables. No specific figure is given here.

Health and Safety

The SNP have not made clear any health and safety policies.

See also

For more information, see the SNP Manifesto 2015.