Lord McKenzie of Luton has said he will continue his fight to amend the Government's Deregulation Bill.

The proposed amendment Lord McKenzie submitted was rejected by peers at 253 votes to 175.

Lord McKenzie has stated: “This issue is not at an end as far as we are concerned. The proposal cannot remain as it is, because it is dangerous.”

Referring to the cause of the exemption proposals, given by Professor Ragnar Löfstedt, Lord McKenzie continued: “The proposals are a long way off what Löfstedt recommended.”

Professor Löfstedt has been dragged into the debate, too. Lord Curry, defending the proposals, had said Löfstedt was “content” with the plans, however, both Lord McKenzie and Professor Löfstedt disagree with this statement. Professor Löfstedt said, “We should be looking at exempting self-employed individuals who don't pose a risk to others such as novel writers, web designers and academics.”