The instruction of “mind the gap” is something that has become synonymous with the London Underground. A man in Australia, however, has shown exactly why this is so important after, when trying to board a train, his leg slipped between the train and the platform and he became truly stuck.

In such circumstances, you might expect the fire brigade to step in and perform a complex operation in order to free the man. In this case, the safety of the man was secured in a rather different way.

Several commuters and staff at Stirling station in western Australia braced themselves against the platform and actually managed to tilt the train carriage so that the trapped man could free himself. Happily, the gentleman was not hurt, and managed to catch the next train.

Cedrec's take

Although this particular incident resulted in no injury and an heroic rescue, it may well be very different in other cases, so we at Cedrec Towers would encourage you to “mind the gap” at all times.