Many farmers carry out the mixing and spreading of slurry regularly. It is one of many important jobs that has to be done. The task therefore becomes a habit and with that familiarity comes a lack of perception of the dangers.

The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland's (HSENI) ongoing advice is to take a few moments to review the job and make preparations to do the whole job safely. To help with this they have produced the leaflet: “Slurry gases can kill“.

The leaflet includes information on:

  • what is in slurry gas that makes it dangerous?;
  • which one is most dangerous?;
  • how is hydrogen sulphide given off?;
  • what happens in the tank when mixing starts?;
  • what is the problem for the farmer?;
  • how do you know if gas is present?;
  • will a facemask be any help?;
  • how do I help someone overcome by slurry gases?;
  • what about spreading slurry?